Discover the Keywords that Drive the Most Revenue

Optimize your Apple Search Ads bids to increase revenue based on keywords that lead to actual in-app purchases.

Increase Revenue

Focus on revenue, not installs. Kitemetrics provides you with the information you need to optimize your Apple Search Ads bids in order to increase revenue. Discover the keywords that drive the most revenue across your entire app portfolio. Attribute keywords to premium app purchases, in-app purchases, subscriptions, or eCommerce purchases. Kitemetrics will calculate the Total Revenue per keyword, the Average Revenue per User for each keyword, and provide suggested CPT bid amounts.

Reduce Costs

Discover under performing keywords and reduce their bids so you don't spend more than you make.

Save Time

With our Advanced Apple Search Ads integration you can view reports, modify bids and add new keywords directly from Kitemetrics so you don't have to toggle between platforms. Our bulk edit feature makes managing multiple keywords a breeze.

Prepare your campaigns for additional Storefronts with our clone and translate feature. Easily take an existing Campaign or Ad Group and use machine translation to target another language.

Powerful App Metrics

Track installs, sessions, in-app purchases and custom events. Set a KPI and see how well they perform at the Keyword level. Filter reports by keyword, app, ad group, campaign, or organization.

Case Studies

White Noise & Deep Sleep Sounds

Over 300% growth utilizing Kitemetrics for Apple Search Ads.

Featured as a Success Story by Apple's Search Ads team.

Plato - Find Fun

Over 200% worldwide growth while maintaining a low CPA via Kitemetrics Managed Marketing services utilizing Apple Search Ads.

Real Estate Canada by MARL

Over 500% growth in the Toronto Greater Area via Kitemetrics Managed Marketing services utilizing ASO and Apple Search Ads.

Activate Your Voice

Over 450% growth via Kitemetrics Managed Marketing services utilizing ASO and Apple Search Ads.

Intervals Pro - Workout Timer

Over 50% growth while utilizing Kitemetrics to optimize ad spend and improve ROI.

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